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Quantum TWO

is designed for people who need a precise and accurate replacement device or want to challenge themselves in permanent make-up.

This QUIET and COMPACT device is perfect both for the hairstroke technique and for aesthetic pigmentation.
QUANTUM handle
Neat, light and ergonomic
Made of anodized aluminium.
Top-notch components used in the process of production make it incredibly sturdy, overheating-resistant, minimize vibrations and use little energy.
original second generation engine
Low noise level
Needle extension regulation:
range 0-3mm
Smooth speed:
from 80 to 145 beats per second.
Mounted on a screw thread
with a gum handle will make
working on details
more comfortable
QUANTUM remote
Located on the cable - 30 cm away from the handle
ON/OFF button
LED display with current speed
1 to 9 scale
will facilitate an easy regulation
of the number of the beats.
Model: Q-TWO
Speed: 80 – 145 beats/sec
Power supply: DC 12V - 1A
Plug: USB
Handle weight: 57g
Handle size (without cartridge): 100mm Ø 17mm
Cable length: 240cm
Cartridge mounted on a screw thread
Adapter: UE 100-240V plug
Battery charging time: 2 hours
Level 1. 80 Beats / second
Level 2. 95 Beats / second
Level 3. 105 Beats / second
Level 4. 115 Beats / second
Level 5. 125 Beats / second
Level 6. 130 Beats / second
Level 7. 135 Beats / second
Level 8. 140 Beats / second
Level 9. 145 Beats / second
After plugging into an eletrical outlet the QUANTUM TWO device works continuously. The device is powered by an USB adapter.
- Aluminium pigmentation handle
- UE plug charging adapter
- USB cable with a remote
to regulate beats level
- 2 starter cartridges
- User's manual
- Guarantee certificate
IdoSell Trusted Reviews
4.88 / 5.00 2575 reviews
IdoSell Trusted Reviews
livraison rapide. très satisfaite.
Everything is perfect

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