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Affiliate Program - Grow Together with Quantum

Affiliate Program - Grow Together with Quantum

In today's rapidly growing industry of permanent makeup, collaborating with a renowned brand can open doors to countless opportunities. It is not only an opportunity to build a solid business structure but also to benefit from comprehensive marketing support and maximize financial potential. At Quantum, we believe in the power of partnership, which is why we have decided to share information about who we are, the possibilities our affiliate program offers, and how to join our team. You will learn how we can support your business by providing access to our extensive technical, marketing, and training resources. You will see how our collaboration can open new perspectives for you, increase your visibility in the industry, and contribute to your success.



From the very beginning, we have been dedicated to introducing innovations and upholding the highest standards in the industry. Our name, Quantum, reflects our core beliefs and symbolizes the innovative and transformative nature of what we offer. We believe that every artist deserves the best tools that allow them to create beautiful treatment effects. However, Quantum is not just about products - it is a supportive community united by a common passion. We value our customers and strive to build genuine and long-lasting relationships.

Quantum proudly collaborates with leading training institutions and permanent makeup trainers. We understand the importance of education and continuous skill development in this field. Through close partnerships with renowned academies, we stay at the forefront of techniques and industry trends. We offer an affiliate program that allows our partners to benefit from our recognizable brand and high-quality products.

We provide personalized solutions to meet the individual needs of our partners, such as creating training materials, starter packages, or custom-printed latex skins.



At Quantum, we believe in the power of ethical practices, authenticity, and transparency. Our vision primarily revolves around bringing positive changes to the lives of our partners, artists, and the entire industry. We enjoy evolving with you and for you!

By joining Quantum, you become part of a community with a shared goal. We believe that by combining forces with like-minded individuals, we can raise standards and create positive changes that enhance service quality. Our actions are based on a long-term vision of continuous development and innovation. We don't believe in impossibilities.

We pay great attention to details and listen to our customers. We understand that each person has unique needs and preferences, which is why we provide personalized solutions.

As your future partners, we offer individual support tailored to your specific needs. Our team is ready to provide you with advice, knowledge, and support at every stage of your development. Whether you are an experienced trainer or just starting out, we are here to support you.

We believe that a strong brand is the result of dedication and the work of people. Therefore, we are immensely delighted when we witness the creation of a community built by committed individuals. It is thanks to their originality, perceptiveness, and dedication that the industry evolves. We are proud to be part of this dynamic process and to create a community with our partners that not only grows but also influences the direction of the entire industry's development.



Through the creativity and unwavering commitment of the entire Quantum team, we continually introduce changes that raise industry standards in Poland and around the world. Our dedication to innovation translates into our leading position in this industry.

Consistently pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo is our approach. Instead of following trends, we strive to set new ones by seeking innovative solutions. We are delighted when our actions become a source of inspiration for other companies and artists.

However, our presence here would not be possible without close collaboration and attentive listening to the needs of permanent makeup specialists. Our success is reflected in the stories of our partners and artists who have grown with our brand. We provide unwavering support to those who have experienced moments of doubt and uncertainty. Our goal is for every Quantum partner to fully harness their potential and build a strong personal brand.

Success is not limited to financial aspects but also encompasses a sense of fulfillment and self-assurance that our partners achieve. Quantum is not just a brand - we are a strong driving force for personal and professional growth.




At Quantum, we take care of promoting our partners and artists through marketing strategies and utilizing platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. We want to increase the visibility of your business. Our marketing campaigns and engagement on social media aim to help you expand your customer base and reach a larger audience.

By joining our brand's partner network, you will have the opportunity to leverage our experience and reputation, which have been built over the years. Our strong position in the industry will help you gain credibility and the trust of potential customers.

We understand that effective marketing is crucial in a competitive environment, which is why we will work closely together to develop personalized marketing strategies tailored to your goals and target audience preferences.

Through collaborative marketing efforts, we aim to create synergistic effects that elevate not only our brand but also your visibility and reputation.




The Quantum affiliate program offers not only access to attractive discounts but also the opportunity to provide discounts to your trainees. This means you earn not only from conducting courses but also from the sales of discounted products made by your trainees. We believe this mutual financial benefit is one of the key elements of our affiliate program. It provides you with an additional income source and motivates your trainees to purchase high-quality products from a reputable brand. Our goal is to support your success both in training and sales. Therefore, we offer you the opportunity to build a stable and profitable business. As our partner, you have access to attractive discounts and offers on our products, as well as the possibility of wholesale purchases. This allows you to save a significant portion of your budget and increase your profitability.

We are flexible and open to product customization*. You can request products with your logo or other individual elements, allowing you to stand out from the competition.

As part of our collaboration, we also offer assistance in creating training kits*.

The success stories of our partners are the best evidence that partnering with us leads to effective development. Many of our partners have experienced significant revenue growth and business development through our collaboration. Their successes demonstrate the effectiveness of our business model and the support we provide.



To become a Quantum partner, specific requirements must be met. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the most important factor is alignment of vision and a strong desire for growth. We value partnership based on mutual trust. We build long-term relationships, as we believe that the best things require time and full commitment. We appreciate high quality, which we seek in products and services, making solid experience and technical skills one of the fundamental requirements.

Being a trainer is a tremendous responsibility, so we are looking for people with a passion for teaching and technical skills.



The application process is simple; just send us an email describing yourself, your business, and your experience. We also want to know your motivations and why you want to become our partner. It is important to include links to your social media accounts that will help us better understand your contribution to the industry. If you share with us what you need and expect from our collaboration, it will help us propose suitable solutions. We look forward to hearing from you!

Email us at


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