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How does the ombre/powder method of permanent eyebrow makeup work?
The popularity of permanent eyebrow makeup continues to grow, which attests to its effectiveness and ability to meet customer expectations. However, before deciding on permanent makeup, it's important to understand that it is an invasive procedure that requires proper preparation and the choice of an experienced linergist. The decision to undergo permanent makeup should be thoughtful, conscious, and based on trust in the chosen specialist.
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The Art of Permanent Makeup: How to Become a Permanent Makeup artist and Succeed in the Beauty Industry
Are you considering a career in permanent makeup? Until recently, the meaning of 'PMU artist' was not so obvious, but this has changed over the last few years. Nowadays, everyone knows that a linergist is a person who provides permanent makeup services. In an era of a rapidly developing beauty industry and the ever-growing popularity of these services, the profession of a linergist has become highly sought after
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Affiliate Program - Grow Together with Quantum
In today's rapidly growing industry of permanent makeup, partnering with a renowned brand can open doors to countless opportunities. It not only provides a chance to build a solid business structure but also allows you to benefit from comprehensive marketing support and maximize your financial potential. At Quantum, we believe in the power of partnership, which is why we have decided to share information about who we are, the possibilities our affiliate program offers, and how to join our team. You will learn how we can support your business by providing access to our extensive technical, marketing, and training resources. You will see how our collaboration can open new perspectives for you, increase your visibility in the industry, and contribute to your success.
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Aftercare: How to Care for Eyebrows After Permanent Makeup
The importance of proper eyebrow care after permanent makeup, known as aftercare, cannot be overstated in terms of client satisfaction with the results. In the first few days following the procedure, the skin requires exceptional care and appropriate aftercare treatments. What aftercare instructions should a linergist pass on to her clients to ensure the best results? In this article, you will find practical tips and methods for effectively communicating key post-procedure care information.
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Choosing the Best Eyebrow Pigments: Key Characteristics to Consider
The choice of pigments for permanent eyebrow makeup is a key element that affects the final result and customer satisfaction. In the cosmetic industry, there is a wide range of pigments with various characteristic features, such as the percentage of colorants, differences in composition and binders, which determine the pigment's stability in the skin.
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You create, we design
At Quantum, we understand the importance of possibilities, continuous development, and standing out from the competition. To meet the expectations and needs of trainers, we are expanding our offering to include customization of latex skins, which are an important educational element for both in-person and online training sessions.
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