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How to work with Quantum pigments?

How to work with Quantum pigments?

How to work with Quantum pigments:

Quantum pigments are thick pigments, and they should not be diluted as it will significantly affect the healing process.

Quantum pigments forgive mistakes! Due to their lower pigment load, they are classified as transparent pigments. However, they require a greater amount of work.

When working with Quantum pigments, remember to set a short needle extension of 1.0mm-1.2mm.

When selecting the target color, ALWAYS choose a color that is 1-2 shades darker. Do not be afraid of darker healed results.

Work slowly and evenly. Quantum pigments do not like chaotic, fast, and aggressive work.

Quantum pigments are delicate, so it is important to build up the saturation properly. (For more inspiration, visit the Instagram profile @quantum_permanentmakeup.)

Quantum pigments can be mixed together freely but should not be mixed with pigments from other manufacturers.

Carefully choose the color for each client type. Using a color that is too warm or too light may result in unwanted warm undertones.

Remember to follow the appropriate post-care recommendations. Quantum pigments do not like excessive moisture. The treated area should be healed dry (detailed post-care instructions can be found in the Quantum store leaflets). 


What should you know about Quantum pigments?

Quantum pigments, as one of the few companies on the European market, have certifications from the independent laboratory CTL® GmbH | Chemical-Technological Lab, confirming compliance with the new regulations in force in the European Union since January 2022 (REACH COMPLIANT).

Quantum pigments are permanent makeup pigments based on glycerin and iron oxides.

The collection includes inorganic, hybrid, and corrective pigments.

The pigments are divided into light, medium, and dark shades, as well as warm, neutral, and cool tones. Familiarize yourself with their specifications before use.

Due to their chemical properties, pigments, whose primary black colorant is black iron oxide, have the potential to shift towards warm tones over time. However, there is no need to worry! Thanks to the proven composition of Quantum pigments, warm tones can be easily neutralized through a single laser treatment or by using cool/corrective colors. Properly performed laser treatment should neutralize any warm discoloration.

Remember that pigment fading is a natural occurrence. Pigments may fade to gray or warm tones approximately 10-12 months after the corrective procedure, which should be performed within 9 weeks of the initial treatment.

Each colorant in the composition has different coloring properties and durability. It is important to have knowledge about binders, as they significantly affect the results of pigmentation.

Keep in mind that many factors influence the healed results of pigmentation, such as: technique, pigmentation depth, device, correct pigment color selection, pigment type, client's health, skin type, and post-care.

We create Quantum products with linergists (Permanent Makeup Artists) and their clients in mind. We aim for satisfying and, above all, safe treatment outcomes. We continuously grow for you, with you, and thanks to you.

If you have any questions or need our assistance, remember that the Quantum team is here for you. We carefully listen to our customers' feedback and are open to any suggestions regarding the products in our offer.



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