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Perma Blend Luxe: Top Eyebrow Pigment Colors for the Most Common Beauty Types

Perma Blend Luxe: Top Eyebrow Pigment Colors for the Most Common Beauty Types

Perma Blend Luxe: Top Eyebrow Pigment Colors for the Most Common Beauty Types

Perma Blend, a leader in the production of permanent makeup (PMU) pigments, continuously sets new standards in the industry through innovative solutions. Their latest line, Perma Blend Luxe, represents the culmination of years of experience, intensive research, and advanced technology. With their unique properties, Perma Blend Luxe pigments have gained recognition among artists in the field of permanent eyebrow makeup worldwide.

Advanced Technology and Research in Perma Blend Luxe Each Perma Blend Luxe pigment is the result of rigorous research and development. They are sterile, vegan, and meet ISO 13485 standards, making them some of the safest and most advanced pigments on the market. This unique combination of safety and innovation establishes Perma Blend as an undisputed leader in the PMU industry in the USA.

REACH: Standards for Health and Environmental Protection The Luxe line complies with REACH regulations, meaning all pigments are safe for both health and the environment. Meeting these strict requirements demonstrates Perma Blend's commitment to creating products that are user-friendly and environmentally friendly.

Perma Blend Luxe: Solutions for Every Beauty Type The Perma Blend Luxe pigment line offers a range of solutions tailored to the individual needs of each client. Whether working with light blondes, brunettes, or clients with medium hair shades, Perma Blend Luxe provides a range of pigments with which one can perfectly match colors to the client's beauty type. Thanks to a rich palette of colors and the ability to mix shades, a permanent makeup artist can create unique and personalized effects that highlight the natural beauty of the client. Below we present the most popularly chosen pigment colors for eyebrow pigmentation for the most common beauty types.

For blondes: Ready Blonde, Toasted Almond, Foxy Brown, Ready Medium, Coffee

For brunettes: Java, Dark Java, Mahogany

For dark-haired: Dark Fig, Ready Dark, Ready Darkest

Perma Blend Luxe: Must-Have Colors

In the dynamically evolving world of permanent eyebrow makeup, choosing the right pigments is a key element in creating a perfect and satisfying effect. Among the wide range of available Perma Blend Luxe pigment colors, there is a group of "must-have" colors that have gained the greatest recognition from artists performing permanent brows. These are unique pigments chosen for their versatility and adaptability. They are not only compatible with the most commonly encountered beauty types but regardless of the pigmentation technique used, such as ombre, powder, or machine hair stroke, they provide an attractive effect not only immediately after the procedure but most importantly, after it has healed.

• Foxy Brown: is an absolute MUST HAVE among light brown shades, due to its versatility. This color looks excellent on clients with fair skin as well as those with hair shades from light to medium blonde. Foxy Brown is a cool color with a medium coverage level.

• Coffee: is one of the most versatile colors. It fits perfectly for clients with hair shades from medium to dark blonde, as well as light brunettes. Coffee is a slightly cool brown with a medium coverage level.

• Java: Java pigment from the Perma Blend Luxe range is an ideal proposition for brunettes, that is, clients with light to medium brown hair. This color is a medium warm brown with medium coverage strength.

• Dark Java: This deep shade of brown from the Perma Blend Luxe collection is an ideal choice for clients with dark brown hair. Dark Java is a pigment with a medium-high coverage level and a warm, dark chocolate brown. This color will also be perfect for clients with black hair. To use it for brunettes, it should be darkened, that is, mixed with Dark Java with the addition of 2-3 drops of Ready Dark.

Mixing Colors: Individual Approach to the Client One must not forget that Perma Blend Luxe allows for creating custom shades by mixing different pigments together. This flexibility allows PMU artists to tailor permanent eyebrow makeup to the specific requirements of each client, creating unique colors and personalized effects.

The Perma Blend Luxe line is not just a range of colors but also a symbol of innovation and commitment to quality. With their versatility and universality, these pigments open up vast possibilities in the art of permanent eyebrow makeup, allowing artists to fully express their creativity. From delicate and subtle shades for blondes to deep and intense colors for brunettes, Perma Blend Luxe provides the tools that are essential for creating beautiful, durable, and satisfying effects that meet the expectations of even the most demanding clients.

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