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Perma Blend: Revolutionizing the Permanent Makeup Industry with Quality and Innovation

Perma Blend: Revolutionizing the Permanent Makeup Industry with Quality and Innovation

Perma Blend is a name that every renowned permanent makeup artist should know. "Perma" comes from "permanent," while "blend" means a mixture of organic and inorganic colorants used to create ready-made pigments.

Perma Blend is a family-owned company founded by Lou Rubino, a second-generation tattoo artist who worked and gained experience alongside his father in a tattoo studio from a young age. During his work as a tattoo artist, Lou noticed a huge gap in the tattoo industry and knew there was a need to create high-quality pigments.

His passion for colors, experience, and desire for change led him to establish Perma Blend in 2012, and his dedication and determination revolutionized the tattoo and permanent makeup industry.

Anne Marie Rubino, Lou's sister, is the director and ambassador of the Perma Blend brand. Despite initially pursuing a career in education, her passion for colors and PMU pigments drew her back to the family business. With 11 years of experience as a linergist and PMU trainer, Anne Marie proudly leads the Perma Blend brand, creating innovative products for the permanent makeup community. She places great emphasis on aspects related to educating artists in pigmentology and colorimetry.

Perma Blend is as strong as the people behind it. The employees are the backbone of the company, and their unwavering commitment to quality and attention to detail is at the heart of their contributions. They ensure that every aspect of the product or service is developed with the utmost care and precision, in line with the brand's fundamental beliefs and values. Their passion for excellence and commitment to meeting and exceeding customer expectations is what truly sets the company apart.

Kerry is one of them, the laboratory manager, and research chemist with 43 years of experience in colors and dispersion, who gained his experience in management and R&D in the automotive and household paint industries. He is responsible for ensuring that all aspects of the laboratory meet the highest standards of quality and safety. This includes providing advice on color matching, formulating and training in equipment and laboratory protocol, as well as assisting in research and development of new products and modifications of formulas for individual customer orders.

Perma Blend's commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, combined with the knowledge and experience of its leaders, has made it a trusted and respected brand in the PMU industry. Whether you are an experienced PMU artist or just starting out in the industry, Perma Blend is a brand you can rely on to create beautiful pigmentations.

A crucial element of the Perma Blend company is its commitment to delivering the highest quality, safe products, which are supported not only by the beautiful pigmentation effects but also by research and documentation provided by reputable laboratories. The latest collection of Perma Blend pigments, the LUXE line, meets the requirements of the new REACH regulations, meaning that the pigments can be used in European Union countries.

For those interested in learning more about the new REACH regulations and whether a particular pigment is compliant, there are several reputable laboratories in the EU and USA that provide REACH-compliant certificates for pigments, such as CTL Bielefeld Lab GmbH in Germany, Eurofins in France, and Intertek in the UK. In the USA, some of the laboratories that provide pigments regulated by the FDA include CTL.

Bielefeld GmbH (formerly CTL):

Eurofins product testing:



TÜV Rheinland:

More information on the new REACH regulations regarding pigments can be found on the official website of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) at the following link:

This page explains the current regulations on pigments under REACH and provides updates on any potential new restrictions. It also provides resources and guidelines for companies involved in the production and use of pigments, as well as for consumers using products containing pigments.

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