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Permanent Makeup Pre-Drawing - Tools and Accessories
Quantum offers a wide selection of trusted tools and accessories that are essential for creating preliminary drawings prior to permanent makeup procedures.
We are the exclusive distributor of rulers created by Paulina Osinkowska. Rulers with different arch heights will allow you to achieve perfect brow proportions. Additionally, our range includes pencils, correctors, threads, and brushes that will facilitate and enable precise finishing touches for brows, lips, and lines.
The wide color range of our pencils and correctors will allow you to choose the appropriate shade for clients with different skin tones and colors.

How to create a preliminary drawing before permanent makeup?
It is important to remember that a preliminary drawing is an extremely crucial step in the process of permanent makeup, and it should be executed with great precision and accuracy. To achieve this, it is recommended to use products that will facilitate the creation of the perfect shape for eyebrows, lips, or eyeliner.

Which products are recommended for preliminary drawing in permanent makeup?
The "free-hand" method has long been outdated - fortunately! The purpose of the drawing is not only to visualize the final effect for the client but also to create a symmetrical drawing that will serve as a "template" for the specialist to perform the perfect pigmentation.
Essential "must-have" products include a flat pencil, a ruler to quickly determine the key points on the brows, a thread, a tongue-shaped or square-shaped brush, and a corrector. Precise cotton-tipped sticks are also necessary for cleaning and refining the thin line that will serve as our boundary.

Are there special rulers for preliminary drawing in permanent makeup?
In the Quantum offer, we have rulers that were created and patented by Paulina Osinkowska. These rulers not only help in determining crucial points such as the front of the brow, the apex, and the tail, but they also facilitate the delineation of the tail and the upper border of the brow.
The rulers come in two sizes: medium and low arch.

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